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5 BEST NEW Photoshop CC 2019 Features!

Hey everybody welcome into this Photoshop tutorial, brought to you  Tapash editz.If you’re new around here, my name is Tapash Barman and we’re doing things a little differently here .I’m experimenting with a Photoshop CC 2019 Features  couple different ways of doing some tutorials and just as I make my change up Adobe releases Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.

So this video might be a couple days later than most of everybody else’s reviews of the Photoshop CC 2019 Features but without further ado let’s jump into it and I want to share with you the 5 best features or my five favorite features here in about five minutes excluding new content aware fill because that’s like its whole own thing.
I’ll probably have a tutorial coming on that in and of itself at some point in the future

Alright let’s jump into Photoshop…

Feature Number 1… Multiple Undo’s

Let’s check this thing out. Okay, so here we’ve got the first thing and that would be multiple undo .So it seems a very very clear cut that we should just be able to hit command or control Z multiple times to undo. Never we’re able to do that before you always had to undo once and then use a separate hotkey to step a backward or through history states.

Now undo just steps backward through as many history states as you have. All the other Adobe apps have kind of functioned like this kind of for a while now . So it’s about time Photoshop does it. It’s a little bit different .I’m still getting used to it .

I’ll be honest with you about that but I think as soon as I get used to it I’ll really really enjoy it and be happy that it’s there I actually do really enjoy it .Now but sometimes I still go and you know step backward why isn’t undoing ah that’s why because it’s finally been made right. So I’m happy about the multiple undos .

Feature Number 2 … Live Blend mode

Now the second thing here is live blend mode previews..

No longer do you have to click through or use the hotkey to quickly shift through all of your different blend modes when you drop down the blend mode menu and you hover over a blend mode it’ll automatically apply it to the
layer .

Live Blend Mode Photoshop cc 2019
Live Blend Mode Photoshop cc 2019

So you can see what it looks like and quickly scroll through and pick the perfect blend mode each and every time because you know as well as I do .No matter how much your research blend modes you still just kind of have to see it to believe it and know what’s going on when it comes to your blend modes.

Feature Number 3…. Frame Tool

Alright… The 3rd thing is the frame tool .So the frame tool looks like a feature kind of stolen right out of Adobe XD for those of you that use. Adbode XD is an amazing application that Photoshop still one of my favorites. AdobeXD is cool ,this was a really great feature in XD.

I’m so glad that they have in Photoshop. Basically you can create a shape a rectangle square or circle and once it’s there in place in your document you can simply drag an image from outside a photoshop and drop it right on that frame and the image will be resized in masks to fit right within that frame. You can edit and transform the image within the frame ,you can transform or change the size of the frame or you can edit and transform both at the same time.

So it’s a really very very useful feature that’s been added to photoshop. I’m so glad to see this in there. It’s useful for so many things other than like website and magazine page layouts .It’s so useful for so many different things super super super super glad to see the frame tool in Photoshop cc 19.


Feature Number 4: Free transform Proportionally


All right .So the fourth little update is, now when you transform either pixel based layers or text layers ,you will automatically free transform them proportionally .So no longer you have to hold down shift while dragging. That’s nice .It’s a little time-saving feature.


It is only with pixel based and text layers. I’m not quite sure my Photoshop didn’t do it with all that ,ust basically all layers even vector layers and things like that I’m not really sure may be there’s some reason and the people at Adobe are probably smarter than I am.

So I’m assuming they have something that they’ve concocted or come up with doesn’t really make sense to me. I feel like it should be across the board because I’ll be honest it feels a little buggy when you go from just clicking and dragging to all of a sudden you’re on a vector layer and you click and drag and it’s all over the place and suddenly not in proportion anymore.

So I don’t know ,I kind of wish it was everything it’s really cool ,though it’s
just nice to be able to grab something and scale it and you know basically every time you transform something . You want it to remain proportional .So it’s nice that that’s the default instead of the sort of the exception and we have to add a hotkey .


Feature Number 5…. Auto Commit


All right…

The fifth favorite feature I have is something called Auto commit .I’ve actually seen some people complaining on auto commit I think it’s pretty cool.

I’ve liked it so far ,basically when you’re free transforming or you drag a new image into Photoshop or you make a text change you can just click out away from that object outside of the transform handles or whatever and it’ll automatically commit the changes and deselect the object .So there’s no more you know having the Double Tap the return or Enter key or go up and hit the little check icon just click out away from it anywhere and you’re good to go.
It’s really fast ,really easy. Again it’s something you need to get used to that it’s a change in photoshop but it’s I think it’s kind of a nice change I think it’s pretty cool.



The crop tool also is another tool it has auto commit so that’s really cool.

Before I let you go ,I think I’ll do a sixth ,I think I’ll do my sixth favorite feature and this actually makes me my absolute favorite. I don’t know why I’m saving it for sixth. The ability to now do mathematical equations multiplication, division, addition ,subtraction, the whole bit .

It’s so nice to be able to do this in input fields in Photoshop as well .So if you have an object that’s a hundred pixels wide you can just say 100 pixels and add an asterisk to multiply times 4 and it will automatically update that.
It’s so great. I love this feature in Adobe Illustrator.

I use it all the time and I’m so glad that now have it in Photoshop. I absolutely love it ,love it ,love it, love it ,love it .So there you have it my five six favorite new features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.


I hope you’ve updated I hope you’ve downloaded the update and check that I’ve had some fun with it and also hope you’ve enjoyed this article. If you did enjoy it make sure you hit that little share button.Make sure you follow me on instagram.

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