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Blend Two Photos in Photoshop – Manipulation Tutorial Effect

Learn how to blend two photos in Photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you blending methods to match the color and lighting with the photo. For this …


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  1. Was looking for solving a problem and came to this channel. And this is the 4th movie I watched.
    Some great tutorials.

  2. I tried teeth whitening with that lion and it was great.

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  4. awesome I have learned mush from you and liked how to tell us what to do keep it up

  5. please give me this wallpaper please link

  6. Amazing tutorial !I It's genious ! Sorry for my English, I'm French. Thanks a lot for this tutorial

  7. Great Job. Would like to contact you.

  8. Nothing short of Amazzzzzzing , Great work, Thank you 👌

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  10. Can I use a different background and image to blend photos?

  11. The best I have seen in a long while can I get the link to the photos and can I also get permission to edit mine and post it on the social network I need the link as fast as possible plss I love ur tutorials

  12. Bro wer did u learn this

  13. I watch these videos more than pornhub.😊😊…I never knew the depths of creativity one can accomplish by using photoshop. My son does this for a living, I don't bother him as he's too busy. Your videos are amazing.

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  15. amazing, the text is very usfull

  16. tks u bro .. I like video of u

  17. Instead of making it a group, copying it, then merging the group, you can simply press ctrl(command) + shift + alt(option) + e and it'll do the same thing

  18. Pls make a tutorial on tools on photoshop

  19. My crutch is the blend tool , So i need to get out of my comfort zone this video definitely helped

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