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Bulb Moon ◾️ Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial Processing

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Making of surreal bulb moon light photo manipulation in photoshop cc 2018.
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“Ever Mindful” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. 謝謝你 無私分享的心

  2. the fact is..your imagination is the key…after all the rest is simple techniques…you're really one of a kind!!!
    I really admire you…

  3. Beautiful piece of art dude I subscribed

  4. thanks alot for amazing tutorials they are really helpful also please share something about text like signs logos etc

  5. Very nice indeed but need to mind the part that need no shadow when you know its a glowing bulb

  6. This is really impresive!

  7. are these manipulations under coppyright?

  8. love ur work.. great efforts man.

  9. How do you make it so you have that giant view of the photo in the side bar? I want that because it seems helpful but have no idea what to call it to google it.

  10. how do you manage to get the perfect stock images?

  11. can someone explain step by step how he/she do that?? please

  12. It's so COOL & AMAZING!!!
    I'm gonna try doing this..
    I'm gonna MASTER this!!

  13. Liked you vids and followed you on Instagram, if i get any confusion i will communicate with you there ok?

  14. excelente amigo gracias por el tutorial

  15. i love this but please explain how to do this:)
    can u explain this video like (Blue Lighting TV Photoshop)

  16. if we were to speak then it would have been better for us

  17. Can you make a vidio and show us al the racourcis of photoshop 😀

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