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In this article we will take a look at five common photoshop cc mistakes that you should stop doing right now.



So let’s get started …

Hey what you guys doing here and as you can see this is not a regular Photoshop cc tutorial. It’s more like a tips and tricks article. This is something that I wanted to do for a long time. I want to make it a series .

So please share your thoughts in the comment section below.What you think about it and now let’s look at the mistakes mistake number one : Using low quality images 

Now this is for the people who are new to photoshop will come into beginner category .They don’t actually understand concept of resolution and end up using really low quality photos that just don’t look good.

Not only that but when i zoom in to this photo, you can see little boxes.

Those boxes are known as pixels and those pixels actually help Photoshop to make automatic selections.

So when you use that quick selection tools for sharp edge. Photoshop is literally using those little boxes to determine what to select .So more pixels you have the easier it is for Photoshop to do its job and it is extremely important when you are trying to select something like hair or fur , you see using low resolution photographs is bad but combining low resolution and high resolution is even worse.

You see the main reason being heirs and intermediates end up doing this is because of the transformation tools they
look at the small photographs and think that I can just simply press ctrl T and make it bigger.

Well, you can but it will show for sure .it will be noticeable when you stretch a lower solution image
little too much.  So avoid using low resolution image as much as possible.


Mistake number two is not using adjustment layers for color correction :


If you have ever seen any of my tutorials ,where I do some sort of color correction. You know that how much I love
adjustment layers. I use them all the time .Now beginners then actually in this situation, I have seen a lot of people
who use Photoshop for many years they still do it.

They go to image, then go to adjustment and then they do whatever.

but problem with this method is that in case you save your file and close the Photoshop .It’s on you cannot undo it.On the other hand in excess mental errors, you can just simply delete the adjustment layer if you don’t like it .

Not only that but you can also use blending modes with your adjustment layers. For example, if I want to make this photo darker,

I can just simply go to my adjustment layers   select levels  and now without changing anything in levels,

I can go and change the blend mode of layer to multiply and the photo is darker.

How convenient and flexible is that and every single adjustment layer comes with a mask .So in case if you don’t want effect in certain portion you can simply mask it out .

So use adjustment layers wherever possible .

Number 3 : not naming and grouping your layers properly :

Now again this seems like common sense but this is not something that a lot of people don’t know but this is something that people don’t do because of their laziness. Normally it starts like this .You start your project you like. yeah ,I’ll name it later. I’ll name it later .I’m gonna name it after a couple of minutes and then you realize that you’ve been working for 5 hours .So you have 50 layers and you haven’t named anything .

If you want to look at the example look at this project.

I did not name anything and I worked entire day on this project.Now if I want to change anything, I’m done. I’ll have to go turn on and off. I of every single layer to find out what I want to change.

On the other hand look at example ,on this file again .We have lots of layers but I actually corrupt everything and I named everything .So if I want to change something ,I can just directly jump into that folder and change it. So it’s not something that people don’t know .It’s just that people don’t do it .

Number 4 using Photoshop :Where it does not belong

Now this is mainly for the people who are more into graphic design and not in photo editing. Listen if your main target is to create logos or let’s say you work a lot of with typography or you do a lot of print media work

start learning something like illustrator or Coral draw because Photoshop is not the software for you.

If you like it. Use it as your secondary software. It is not good for vector.

Yes, you can create vector artworks in Photoshop but it’s not convenient, that’s issue vector options in Photoshop are
more for the people who mainly do photo editing

and when once in a while they need to work with something vector. They can do it. If your main target is to work
with vector all day long ,learn illustrator or coral or whatever vector software provides you better user interface.

Number-5 not combining selection tools and always rushing pan tool 

Now this is specifically for intermediates .You see learning pencil tool is pain. In the ass everyone knows it and when intermediates they get really good grip on it .They start using it everywhere without realizing. If they actually need it or not .Not only that but a lot of people actually don’t combine their selection tools 

You see in this photo. No matter how hard I tried , I could not get it done with just using quick selection tool .So what I did. I used my quick selection tool as much as I could then for this portion ,I switched to my magnetic lasso tool and then I’d finished my selection. Sometimes it might seem that you need pen tool but you probably don’t.


So I hope that you find at least one of this advice useful and if you did hit that share button and if you have any more
questions or if you have any suggestions feel free to ask me in comment section

If you want to check out more of my portion of materials .I have lots of them you can visit my channel , till then good bye. Take care and have some fun with Photoshop

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