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Crack Face Photo Editing In Photoshop cc & cs6

Crack Face Photo Editing In Photoshop cc & cs6


Sample Image Of Crack Face Photo Editing In Photoshop 


Today I’m going to show you how to apply a crack texture to this guy’s face .First thing you want to note is that the background of this photo is very dark has a lot of shadows and it’s pretty much black this will work with any photo but this is the type of photo that works best if not. Don’t worry we can still use the eraser tool on other photos .So the first thing you want to do is open up your texture.

I got this texture by searching crack overlays into the website image.google.com and before we drag this texture onto our image we want to do a few things .First go to image adjustments ,gradient map with the default black and white selected .If you can’t see this then click that little arrow go to reset gradients and it should always be the third one depending on what your foreground and background colors. It could also be the first one but the third one will always be black and white.

Create a new adjustment layer brightness contrast. Let’s turn the contrast up a little bit to about 15 with legacy. On and the brightness up a little bit to about 15. At this point you have a black and white version of the finished product but one thing I like to do is add color to it.

So select your original layer that with the color on it right click duplicate and drag it above all your layers set
the blending mode of this layer to overlay and depending on how much color you want .Adjust the opacity to maybe around 80% for a little less boost and there you have a great way to apply a texture to uneven surface like a
face it’s all .

In the details the more work you put in with the erasers and the opacity to create the depth .The better
look ,If you enjoyed this tutorial go ahead and check out these previous tutorials and make sure to subscribe to
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Download all the images and png’s which I used in the video for making tutorial.


Read Their Roles Before Use The Backgrounds and Png.

Edit by Tapash Barman

Software used in this video : Photoshop cc
Time :7.37sec
Dowload stock image

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