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Gopal Pathak Camera Raw Photoshop Presets

In Today’s Post i will give you best Top 5 Gopal Pathak Camera Raw Presets for photo editing in photoshop cc,cs6

This Top Gopal Pathak  Presets Pack Contains  following Presets from Tapasheditz….

Gopal Pathak Photoshop Camera Raw Presets download
Gopal Pathak Photoshop Camera Raw Presets download
  1. Gopal Pathak Blue Editing Preset
  2. Gopal Pathak Blue Editing Preset V.2
  3. Gopal Pathak Cb Editing Preset
  4. Gopal Pathak  Dark Moody
  5. Gopal Pathak Urban Effect

Sample Image That edit with Gopal Pathak  This Presets…

Blue Editing Preset…

Blue Editing Preset v2

Cb Editing Preset

Cb Editing Preset

Moody Effect

Orange Effect


How to Install This Camera Raw Presets in Your Photoshop ?

How To Install Adobe Camera RAW Presets for MAC & PC

After Downloading The presets Extract The Presets Folder
First Go to My Computer ( Windows )
Click on C:/ Drive
Click on User
Then Go to your User Name Folder (Example. Your computer name)
(First You Need to Show your Hidden Files & Folder Option.)

Go to AppData folder
Click on Roaming/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
Copy and Paste The presets file which you download earlier into the setting folder.

Now Go To your Photoshop.
Go to Filter> Camera Raw Filter.
Open Preset Tab.
Click on User Preset.
You will find all installed preset there.
Enjoy the preset.

If Don’t Understand Then Watch This Tutorial How To Install Camera Raw Presets in photshop…

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