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2 Ways To Change Image Background in Photoshop CC

Hello everyone, this is Tapash from Photoshopcctutorial.com and this tutorial , i’m going to show you 2 ways to change the background of an image in adobe photoshop cc.


I’m actually going to be showing you 3   different techniques Of changing  background of a image in photoshop.

  • Background eraser tool
  • Quick selection tool

Note that i will use because as you can see this image is a bit difficult to work with due to the blonde hair here and due to the sun and all those light background colors.

So what i’m going to do, is i’m going to swap this background with this other background.

Here and to start what I’m going to do is, I’m first going to use the background eraser tool and afterwards I will be using some other techniques to get rid of the rest of the background .

So, Lets get started ….

If your layer is locked, simply unlock it by double clicking it .

Next we’re going to choose the background eraser tool here

and what we’re going to do is, we’re going to select sampling once and we’re going to select continuous for limits and for tolerance , I have it at 6% but I can actually change this depending on the areas that I’m working with.

For example, areas that are difficult to distinguish from the background you would want to go with a lower tolerance level and areas that are easily distinguished from the background there you would want to raise the tolerance level because you wouldn’t have to worry about getting into too much of the actual foreground when erasing.

So you can also choose a brush size smaller brush size might work better around areas with fine details but it will also take you longer to clean up the background. So what I’ll do is I’ll use a brush of maybe 25 or 15

Now I’m simply going to click my mouse and simply just go around along the hair.

Right here, I can actually go a little higher in brush size, to say 30. Let me try this , yes and I’m still not doing any damage.Now if you end up doing any damage what you can do ,is you can always undo and the reason I’m clicking and not dragging while holding the left mouse button down is because I’m actually getting more done by clicking.

Now if I were to raise the tolerance level, I can probably drag but since the color is light of the hair here, I would probably get into the foreground as well but we can try to raise the tolerance just a bit and see what happens .


As you can see it’s still working fine again. If you ever run into problems you simply just lower the tolerance a little bit and you’ll be fine .So I’m only going to be using the background eraser tool around the hair because I want to get as much of the fine details as possible and when we swapped the background .

When we can see how old it looks a bit better that’s when we’ll actually use some other tools to clean up the rest and I’ll show you how to create that illusion effect towards the end of the tutorial. When I actually get to the part where I replace the actual background. As you can see , I’m actually leaving quite a bit of space here because what I’ll do is, I’ll actually just come in with the regular eraser tool and clean up the rest.

Here , as you can see , I went a little too deep . So I’m just going to undo and now what I’ll do is I’ll lower the tolerance a bit and here I can raise the tolerance and now I’ll simply start this other side here and once I get finished with the hair the rest is actually going to be a lot easier.

Now if the more time you spend the better.This will look …..

Process 2 : Quick Selection Tool

Now what I’ll do . I’ll go right here  . I’ll make sure that the quick selection tool is selected.

Now I will simply hold down my left mouse button and simply drag along her hand and these areas right here ,

where I went a little too far in what I’ll do is, I’ll hold down the option key on my keyboard because I’m on a Mac. if you’re on a Windows , you’re going to want to hold down the Alt key and I’ll then simply hold down my left mouse button and I’ll simply push this way to fix this area

Right here and for the watch I’ll do the exact same thing here so I’m going to zoom in a bit for you so that you can see things a bit better and now I will simply drag and here again .I’m going to have to hold down the option key on my keyboard and also push while holding the left mouse button note that here I actually have a brush size of 4 pixels the smaller the brush size the easier it is to pick up around fine details ,the larger the brush size .


When you subtract, you fundamentally simply haul the other way.

When you need to add to the choice once more, you basically let go of the “alternative” or “alt” key, discharge the left mouse catch and after that press the left mouse catch and drag again to begin including.

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