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How to Make Logo in Photoshop CC – Basic Idea

In this article ,today we are going to learn How to Make Logo in Photoshop cc for your YouTube channel .You don’t need any creative mind, just follow some simple few steps .


This tutorial will guide you through making custom logo using text only but you can add your own shapes if you can create you cannot create this kind of logo because it required creativity and designing knowledge but you can create this easily the right one.How to Make Logo in Photoshop CC

So let’s get started….

We will be working in Photoshop but you can even make it in Microsoft Paint.
Let’s take someone from my subscriber list . I am randomly selecting someone let’s copy his name.


Go to 1001 fonts website .This website have huge collection of cool fonts and absolutely free no need to pay anything just enter your text here and hit enter this will update all font into your name . Choose your category for font type you want and see which attracts your eye more.

I am going with poster category but you are free to choose your own .Let’s remove narrow and continue with poster category, scroll down the page and see which font you like not found here. let’s check on page 3 make sure to choose a different font from rest but keep it simple not too much fancy. Fancy is not professional.

I am going with this font named plaster download from here and then install in your computer double-click on the font file and click on install it will install in few seconds. Close this window and jump right back into Photoshop.

First Go to file and create a new project. I am choosing height and width to 1000 pixels Let’s rename this project RM underscore logo hit OK and you will see your canvas here.


This is your tool box .

Select text tool and start typing your text. Press ctrl + Enter to eject from this typing tool. Align your text into Center and change its font go to character and strike name of your font which you just downloaded.

In my case my font name is plaster .Let’s increase the size of your text from character tool and align it again.

Now create a new layer from clicking new layer mask button. This layer will be our background layer for filling color.
Click here  and choose color from this color palette. I suggest you to choose a soft light color which looks good .

Press alt + backspace key to fill this color in this layer.

Lets change text color also. i am going to change it white. So it will look great with this color.


You can also play with color of this background layer.  Press control + u to open hue/saturation and adjust these bars .


I am going with this color shade ,this looks good.

Let’s add long shadow to this text .Press ctrl + J to make a duplicate of this layer and change its color to black.


Please note : this layer is below from the main text layer. Press ctrl + T to transform and type angle to 45 degree.

Remember this number because we are going to revert this step.
Press and hold out left arrow key to make duplicate of this layer. Arrow key defines where your copy is going to be.Make around 100 copies . 


Now select all copies by holding shift key and press ctrl + e to merge them together.

Press ctrl + T again and change angle to minus 45 degree 

We rotated it 45 degree before. So for reverting back we are taking it to minus 45 degree but this shadow is not complete .Hold Alt key and drag this layer this will create another copy of this layer repeat this step until you get a long shadow.

Select all these shadow layers and merge them .Change its opacity to something 20%
and your logo is ready…..


Here you go. If you found this tutorial helpful please   share this article.

Thank you.


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