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How To Make The 3D Pop-Out Photo Effect In Photoshop CC

Welcome back to another very exciting tutorial here at the photoshopcctutorial.com.

In this Post i’m going to show you how to create the 3d pop-out photo effect in photoshop .

If you want to follow along you can download the stock files from below the link…

Download Stock Image

We’re going to start out with these two layers the photo frame background and the snowboarder .I have
them on two separate layers of course and what we want to do is we want to isolate this black area .Here we can of
course create a selection around the black area to isolate it but I like working with vectors better because they
give you smaller file sizes and they’re easier to edit .

So we’re going to create a vector around the frame .So I’m going to press Z on the keyboard. I’m holding
the z key I’m not letting go of it and I’m going to zoom into the corner here and release the z key it’ll bring me
back to the pen tool which I had selected .

Make sure that you have shape on the options panel on the strap down click on one corner then click on the
next hold the space bar pan down click on the bottom right corner and then click on the bottom left corner.

I’m going to hold the spacebar again click and drag to pan up and complete that path now the color of the shape really doesn’t matter .So I’m just gonna make it red just .So that you can see it there it is red what I’m going to do now is enable the layer or the snow boarder. I’m going to click and drag her up to the top of the layers panel and I’m also going to double tap here on the zoom tool just .

So we can see the image at 100% and actually now that I’m looking at it at 100% .I’m actually going to
right click on it and choose fit on screen .So that I can see the entire composition then I’m going to press ctrl J command J on the Mac to duplicate. So now I have two copies I’m going to disable the one on the top by clicking
on this eye icon and the one on the bottom.

Here I’m going to clip to the shape below it so with that layer select that I’m going to press ctrl alt
G command option G on the Mac then I’m going to enable the layer right above that and I’m just going to make a
selection around the snowboarder .So I’m going to click on the quick selection tool and I’m simply going to click and
drag around her now you don’t have to be very precise at this moment you can just click and drag and we’ll worry about the details later .

Watch Video Tutorial For Further learning:

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