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How to Make the Spotify Duotone Effect! – Photoshop Tutorial

Hey guys Tapash here, back with another article and today I’ll be teaching you the Spotify to its own effect in Adobe
Photoshop. So the first thing you want to do is place your image by pressing file place

and then you want to make a new layer and make this layer all white. So how you do this is you can just use the paint bucket tool and just select the color white and just press there and let’s just show this there now and you want to make sure that layer is underneath your object layer .Now what I want to do is cut out this object .

So this is a person in this instance you don’t have to use a person obviously. Well I’m just gonna cut out the background .So it’s only left with this guy right here. So let’s just fast forward and we’re using the pen tool for
this once you’ve pinned out the background you want to right click and press make selection and enter a feather radius .So that there’s no hard edges I’m gonna do 0.5 here and delete it

and then we’re gonna go here and we’re also gonna delete this because this is also part of the background and probably gotten see it but I’ll still affect that overall results you’re gonna do that again. Make sure you’re selected on the object layer or want elite. I’ll just delete the background we’re gonna do it for this as
well and now that we’re done we’re gonna apply the actual effect doing that’s actually really easy all you want to do is press on gradient map right here .

I would recommend you know using this preset right here as a sort of guideline.


So as you can see the purple is in for the shadows.So the darker parts of the image and then the orange is for the
highlights .That’s the reason why the background is orange because the background was white and so the orange covers the brighter areas in the purple covers the darker areas .

So you want to click on the color here and change it .You want to keep it around right here and just like scroll through these colors because you want a darker color obviously if you you know put a brighter color. You can’t really see any detail in the face .



So we’re gonna maybe decrease it. I’m gonna select blue and green .So something like this and on right here
we’re gonna select a green so something like that Spotify colors you know what I mean….


So there you go and you can adjust how strong you know the shadows are or the whites are by doing this something like that.I’d recommend doing a basic adjustments like increasing the contrast .It might help a bit to stand out a little bit maybe curves as well something like that.

So basically when you’re done making the adjustments you want to apply shapes behind it. It’s not necessary obviously but this is what Spotify does. So to do this you want to make a circle obviously or any other shape doesn’t really matter.

I’m going to right click and press on the ellipse over here.

Hold shift and drag to create a circle make the fill white and make the stroke nothing. So click on here to make the stroke nothing and what you want to achieve is putting this circle behind the object but if you try to do that by just dragging it below you won’t be able to see it because obviously the background is white so what you’re gonna do instead is you’re gonna select on this layer right here the shape layer right click press rasterize layer’


while being on this layer .Right here you want to press ctrl and click on the thumbnail this will select that outline of the image right here and you just want to press Delete and there you go .

So we’re gonna do that again so let’s create a circle that’s bigger maybe move it down here, right click press to rasterize and now we want to press ctrl and click on the thumbnail over here and press Delete and that’s about it.


Spotify would obviously a text or something like let’s say weekend vibes or something you know usually they use this type of stuff for playlists and usually this image is a square.Sso we can change that later but you could do like
weekend vibes or something.

I don’t know highlight the text and press ctrl T. So these options come up

and basically we can just you know adjust the spacing right here something like this and press ctrl 8 press on this 2nd shortcut in this fifth shortcut in should Center and let’s just maybe stretch this out a bit so something like that and yeah that’s basically it that’s the Spotify duotoneeffect .

Hope you guys enjoyed ,if you did hit the thumbs up button my name is Tapash and I’ll see you in the next article.

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