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How To Retouch Outdoor Photo Using Photoshop CC

How To Retouch Outdoor Photo Using Photoshop CC

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to Retouch your outdoor portraits in Adobe Photoshop CC


Hey guys you’re reading photoshopcctutiroal.com the place to be to develop your creative skills .In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how you can easily edit and enhance your outdoor portraits all in a photoshop .


So we’re now in Photoshop and I’ve opened up an image. I think it’s a lovely image but it does feel a little bit washed out and there are a few things that we can do to fix this. So the first thing I’m going to do is right-click on the background layer and select duplicate layer give this layer a name and click OK. Now the reason I like to do this is because I can then turn off the background layer and I have that original image either for reference or
just in case anything goes wrong .

So with the photo layer selected the next thing I’m going to do is go to filter and down to Camera Raw filter .Now if you’re a photographer or if you’ve ever tried to open up a raw image in Photoshop this next screen is likely something you will have seen before. We have lots of different tabs with millions of settings along the top .We’re going to focus on the first basic settings tab for this tutorial and we’ll start by adjusting the temperature .


Now we can cool down the image or warm it up with this slider. We’re actually going to warm up the image and we’ll scroll down and then we’re going to bring the exposure down a little bit .Now this just brings back in a bit more detail in color into both the subject and the background and we’re going to increase the contrast ever.

So slightly and bring those shadows down as well particularly around the jacket and the subjects hair and when you’re happy click OK and if we turn back on our background layer and then toggle off and on our photo layer. You can see that we’ve made some pretty substantial changes just with those few settings but we can actually do more as well .

So next we’ll go to the bottom of the layers panel and click on the adjustment icon and from here we can add a new
adjustment layer. We can select curves and you’ll see it adds this as a separate layer .Now with the dialog box screen as well we can click anywhere along this diagonal line and drag this either side.

If we drag down into the right essentially ,it darkens the darker areas of the image and if we go up into the right it lightens the lighter areas and you can of course go to the absolutely extreme if you really want to but for this tutorial we’re just going to go
down and to the right and you’ll see in real time it Just’s the image and we can turn this off and on by clicking in the eye at the bottom of the panel .

Download Model Image For Practice

Watch Video Tutorial :


That’s how to easily edit and enhance your outdoor portraits in Photoshop. Guys please feel
free to leave any questions or comments down below like this post. If you enjoyed it take care and see you next

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