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How To Retouch Portrait in photoshop cc & cs6 | easy method

How To Retouch Portrait in photoshop cc & cs6 | easy method

Hey everybody welcome into this Adobe Photoshop tutorial brought to you
as always by tapash editz. today we’re gonna do a fast 5-minute guide to retouching a photo this is gonna apply to pretty much any photo you take into Photoshop .you can take or leave the bits that you like or don’t like this is a 5 minute guide to retouching a photo in Photoshop. let’s jump in and get started right now.


alright well step number one is getting started with our photo and I’ve got a raw photo here it’s a dot DNG file double-click to open it up in Camera Raw and the very first thing I like to do is just general color correction and setting color temperature here in Camera Raw .


So I’ll probably reduce my white balance a little bit just blew the image up a little bit and maybe add a little purple as well .I might shift the exposure a little bit . I think I’ll just drop the contrast a little bit maybe about negative thirty .I’ll drop my highlights a little bit as well. I will boost the shadows I’m looking to just overall reduce contrast to give me a lot to work with in Photoshop. I will drop a little kick back into the blacks though and then maybe I’ll punch a little clarity into it .



Read Their Roles Before Use The Backgrounds and Png.

Edit by Tapash Barman

Software used in this video : Photoshop cc
Time :7.57sec

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Enjoy and thanks for coming here!

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