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How to Shoot Neon Portraits

All right ….So today I’m going to show you guys how to do shot some neon portraits.
We’re here at carousel Creamery, there’s a neon sign and we’re going to use that with our model Steffi and really good friends.



So get into it…..


Things You Need To Shoot Neon Portraits :

  1. A Friend To Model
  2. A Camera [with preferably fast frame]


Supplementary That you need:

  1. A Cd
  2. A Prism
  3. A Diamond Prism thing


Okay that’s private are sitting. So you want to put your aperture at your widest meaning F 1.8 or F 1.4 on this lens the Nikon 50 millimeter 1.8 .Well yeah it’s 1.8.So we’re going to shoot at one point is today our shutter speed will be, I recommend usually one 25th but usually just what you want to handhold in start situation and lastly your ISO
We’re going to try to get as clean as possible. So your lowest ISO that you can well still exploding properly note though however that when you expose properly that you should know your camera because depending on what camera you have you can under expose a bit and then bring back the details later in post.


Step 2:

Alright .So your next step will be to find a location for you in six categories there’s a neon sign and it’s really nice .So be sure to ask first or let them kick you out depends on how quick you’re going to shoot I usually just shoot and let them pick me out or whatever and make sure that the sign is low enough that your model will be lit
by it and that it’s not too high that it won’t be seen in the photo anymore.


Step 3 : SHOOT

Alright ….So the next step is to get shooting .So that’s what we’re going to do


All right ..So you can also play this to it .So we’re going to do that right now

Okay, so there’s different ways you can light up your model. You think it’s fine ,you’re going to look at how the light falls on her face. So here you can see ,you can see how the light reflects on your glasses life on this side of your face make a nice profile. So that’s what you want

Step 4 : Props..

Part four of shooting neon portraits is something that’s kind of optional which
is the use from all right so first we’re going to try with the CD.

So next we’re going to try to pop their own looking prism, this is my favorite thing to use just moved in third time




Alright, so and there’s this which is this diamond like prism in this diamond shape. Alright ,so for this one all the different reflections are more spread out .


So yeah it gives a different effect and the last left to pray that your edit can save a photo go here for black

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