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Lost In Rainy – Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial Effect

Making Lost In Rainy fantasy manipulation scene effect in Photoshop, I hope you enjoy the video:).
Stock Images ► http://goo.gl/DxIpvn

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  1. good job! thank u – it helped me 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorials. You spark my creative juices.
    Fantatic job

  3. Rafy , you are the best ! Your advised worked, ctrl+I……its wonderful to learn………………THANK YOU AGAIN

  4. third day working thisI get the pen tool , I out line the gate, or opening making a path then I get the drop down box and click make Selection, I click O.K, then I go to the bottom of the layers panel and click add mask, the mask comes up looking like your, with a black background and white center, then I click on the white center and Nothing happens, where yours the white center turns black revealing the rest of the image..where am I going wrong…thank you

  5. Rafy after the drop down box says make selection I click it then go and click add a mask all works, but when I click the center, (white) of the mask nothing happens, My main image (the gates are gone and all I have is the cut out we selected. Please advise Laura

  6. Geat tutorial as usual. Thanks very much. very inspiring ideas.

  7. amazing my friend!!, congratulations.

  8. Hats Of To You and Your Work and Your Selfishness …. help for us ur great today i found you chennel… and suddently i fall in love with it because ur style is awesome and specially … the stock images u provided in the description is like …. a medicine for us thnx for image providing keep it up bro god bless u

  9. Wow, great idea again.
    You keep amazing me with those crazy good ideas

  10. Nice job. Thanks rafy.

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