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☞backgrounds :-

main bg: –https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1506268207-053f0cd0ddf5?ixlib=rb-0.3.5&q=85&fm=jpg&crop=entropy&cs=srgb&dl=tom-cochereau-389909-unsplash.jpg&s=6d841f18048bac7dc49bb77b0fd08a39


1. https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/drop-of-purple-paint-falling-on-water_995090.htm#term=of%20purple%20paint%20falling%20on%20water&page=1&position=19

2. https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/colorful-yellow-ink-falling-down_2110998.htm#term=of%20yellow%20paint%20falling%20on%20water&page=1&position=11


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  1. What is Photoshop name & version

  2. How do you made the fingers grip on the can? Imma use it for our exam

  3. what brush did you used for the hair?

  4. it just looks too fake

  5. Too fast. I cant do 😔

  6. please give me your license key

  7. bhai photoshop ka link send krna

  8. like banta hai boss ………..awesome work

  9. Can you eith my photo like this

  10. use what edits sister application

  11. i was quite sad i'm not familiar with other shortcut key and yet he keep on using it without writing what is shortcut key that has been used.

  12. What photo editor software are you using?

  13. Do you actly use mouse or wacom?

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