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Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial: Solitude

In this Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial I will create a cold surreal scene using free downloadable stocks and brushes. We’ll be combing different images together, such as clouds, ground, model and birds. For some of the final steps I’ll jump into the camera raw settings to sharpen up the image and reduce noise. I’ll then I’ll jump into the color toning settings and apply a nice cold tone. I really hope you found some use for this tutorial.

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• Model Credit – http://faestock.deviantart.com/art/Memento-26-352734708
• Sky Credit – http://sacral-stock.deviantart.com/art/Mad-Sky-4-284101047
• Ground Credit – http://castock.deviantart.com/art/Solidified-lava-2-141220917
• Crows – http://bagek.deviantart.com/art/crow-4-210790487

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  1. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please don't forget to drop a like! 👍

  2. awesome photoshop tutorial

  3. I always come here and I always forget, so I made some notes. Btw, thanks, @Skilter30 and the awesome @Peter McKinnon

    Start at 2:15 Tweaking the overalls
    Cleaning up minor un-wanted items in the photo with Spot Healing Brush Tool

    4:22 Layers
    New Layer
    Stamp Visible Layer

    5:34 The pre-sharpening (blurring the image)
    Filter – Blur- Gaussian Blur
    Bending Mode: Soft Light
    Opacity – 50%

    6:40 Sharpening – Lightness and darkness
    Bending Mode: Overlay
    Filter – Other – High Pass

    7:52 (Optional) if you want more sharpness
    Double Effect – Blur and Desaturate – Drag to New Layer

    8:35 Warmth
    Make Warm – Add a layer
    Shift – f5 – Fill – Color
    Bending Mode: Soft Light
    Opacity – 13%

    10:01 Making his eyes in the background lighter
    Lasso Tool / Hand tool – Select what you need to brighten
    Shift – plus popup in the lasso
    Adjustment – Brightness and Contrast

    Making mountains in the background darker
    Lasso Tool / Hand tool – Select what you need to darken
    Adjustment – Curves – Bring down the brightness
    Change from RGB to Red
    Puch more red – be subtle.
    Hit B for brush tool to paint away harsh lines
    Opacity – 60%

    Contrast and Mood – Desaturate
    Bending Mode: Overlay
    Opacity – 15%

    14:35 Slight overall bump in brightness
    Adjustment – Curves – bump those curves up just ever so lightly

  4. I am missing the Camera Raw Filter under my Filter Tab!?

  5. can i do this in photoshop CS6?

  6. Amazing Vids 😀 Keep it up 🙂

  7. Wow Keep just a class. I wish you all the best. 🌟 ★★ ✬ thumbs up # 496

  8. Programme de photoshop pllllz 🙂

  9. how can i use it IB my own phone

  10. thank you ..you are awesome

  11. Mate,you have the most amazing tutorials on youtube.Easy to follow as well.

  12. HELLO, I`m a student and i starting using photoshop, i saw that you`re a pro with the program and i would like you to give me an advice for a better use. i hope you could give me the advices. Thanks

  13. Awesome tutorial! I think I missed how you added the birds in the background?

  14. i like how you considering the detail , awesome man.. i will wait for your next tutorial..

  15. Your tutorials are brilliant and amazing! I tried to follow your instructions to the letter, but i completely failed lol – I know I need more practice, but still a lot of fun trying to re attempt it

  16. Beatilul Photoshop Tutorials

  17. Thank you so much……………………………………………….i wish that i become like you.

  18. Can I ask you to show how to create something like this: (remove spaces, i've added them in case if this message will be marked as spam)
    htt ps: // cs540108. userapi. com/c63 5103/v635103645/ 104ab/Ipb BmwunIXs.jpg
    I'm not sure is it the same methodology to make those highlights and etc. Please can you help?

  19. you need a website? why not do it yourself? with wix.com you can choose from 100s of templates For FREE 😛

  20. How did you learn to manipulate photos like this? Self-teaching?

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