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Photoshop Tutorial – Galaxy Logo Design From Face

Photoshop Tutorial Galaxy Logo Design From Face
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  1. I am graphic designer
    thank you so much for sharing this video

  2. can you tell me how did you made the 0:12 to 0:22 video was made and in which software

  3. I saw hundreds of tutorials – you did the best, really !

  4. Wow very cool. thanks for the tutorial. I will do this for my channle.

  5. I've got blond hair so only my eyes and mouth are visible

  6. (টোকাই এর জিবন!) Bangla New Short Film ///YouTube Er DuniYa (Tokai EU Jibon) ->>AriYan RaHaT…

  7. we can do it, Thank you so much.

  8. Finally Made it. Thanks a lot.

  9. Hi the tutorial is very nice .I just want to ask if I could post this on my blog for activity purposes.Thankyou

  10. great work, but who's that guy

  11. лучший урок, что я видел. вот так нужно снимать видео уроки, образец для подражания! лютый лайк!

  12. 5.51 min
    I couldn't the work plz help me

  13. Yo what’s up bro I enjoy this vid quite sure I’m super late with this comment, but appreciate how you kept it simple for someone to understand Thanks bro hope yo do more, just a request please do a text logo.

  14. Is this possible to do in illustrator?

  15. When i make the threshold , even the background is black not white like in the tutorial . Why is that?

  16. turn the shitty music off… its better I promise

  17. @Photoshop Picture Editor I do the galaxy background as you do, but it doesn't go into the picture as you do, but only the galaxy background.

  18. Amazing … thankx for giving this video …

  19. If anyone can't do the ALT in 5:48 "Type Shift + Alt + G Then Cntrl + Alt + G "

  20. i can,t find hte image where is it can you send me…………?

  21. Hold ALT key and move Mouse control and click

  22. Hi everyone,
    How can I export with TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND?

    Also with "Export" option I can't obtain PNG with transparent background.

    Thank you

  23. why is it after i insert the galaxy on my face my face block by the galaxy not like in the video

  24. if you're using mac carefully first press command then alt then g …in that order..worked for me. Thank you

  25. your video is amazing , really easy to understand thanks for the tutorial 😀

  26. the galaxy background blocks the face
    how to solve it?

  27. I just finished mine and I love it. But instead of doing a headshot I did a full body picture and added a different text omg It looks amazing thank you!

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