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Vector Creator Photoshop Action



  • Only one click to generate the effect.
  • 4 different pattern background.
  • Additional color adjustment is added.
  • Transparent background cutout layer.
  • Non-destructive Workflow.
  • Well organized layer and layers are adjustable.
  • Works in Photoshop CC 2015 to higher versions.


  • .atn file.
  • Help file(pdf) included.


Be sure your Photoshop set to RGB color, 8Bits/Channel, English version. If you are not using English version then you can change it to English.


Before you run the action:

1. Make sure that you are working in RGB 8 bits/Channel Mode.
Go to Image -> Mode -> RGB Color and 8 Bits/Channel
2. Your photo must be a Background.
Select your layer and go to Layer -> New -> Background from Layer
3. Your Photoshop must be in English.
If you do not have an English version of Photoshop, you can use this method to change the
language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lz651eFHzw

How to install & run the action:

1. Double click on the .ATN file then action will automatically install in Photoshop.
2. Now go to Window -> Actions OR press on keyboard F9.
3. It will show Actions Panel. Open your photo. Select the action and play it.
After running the action:
1. After running the action, Layer Panel will have all the layers.
2. You can change the layer Opacity on top of the Layer Panel. Select the layer and change the
Opacity percentage as desired.
3. Click on the eyeball to turn off/on the layer effect.
4. It is good to have good resolution image. You can get the best effect when your image width is
2000px – 5000px. If you have very high/low resolution image then:

Go to Image -> Image Size then set the width 2000px-5000px. Be sure that the Constrain
Proportions is Checked.

5. “Vector Point Layers” has the vector layer. You can scale it to any size. You can change color by
double clicking on the object icon. You can also change background color from the “Background”

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