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Fiery Portrait Body | Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Welcome to another Fiery Portrait Body tutorial in Photoshop. In this video I will show you how to create simple and nice looking abstract artworks using a model, some elements and your own created objects. Fiery Portrait Body | Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Resources Link: http://www.hasshasib.com/fiery-portrait-body-photoshop-manipulation-tutorial/

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  1. send me brush download link

  2. where is the stock pics and also slow down and cut parts that dont work you are the worst youtuber m8

  3. You are a myth man but after Aznk possible illustrate the steps more than Kadaaa Ali Chan Poptdain Alzi

  4. All I want for christmas if access to your photo library XD

  5. 37x ads in 36 minutes? ya milking it too hard buddy!

  6. Hasib Bhaia Editing R Jonno Backgroung Collection Korbo Kotha Theke?? Amr Kase Collection Nai. Ektu Jodi Kindly Help Korten Bhia. Khub Khusi Hotam.
    Thanks Bhia!!

  7. hello bro plz snd me this vedio and picture stocks

  8. plz…………………give me adobe photoshop cs6 & camera raw download link

  9. Hello mate. I'm using Elements 9. I can't find the path tool anywhere. Do you know where I would find it? – Thanks

  10. it very useful tettorial tnx and also can you make t shirt designing tutorials

  11. please-but-link-to-download-this-program

  12. Hello. What was the name of the tool you used to remove the photo from the background? And what version of photoshop are you using?

  13. hasib vai ami kaj sikhte chai apnar kace…. jodi apnar number ta den… ami contact korbo..

  14. can u make a tutorial with sound dont know how to do some of your editing..

  15. How did he copy the lava and paste the lava at 12:27?

  16. Can you please add the subtitles to get more information. i.e. shortcuts etc…

  17. Can you please say what you did at 12:30

  18. Thank you for the tutorial, aprecciate that! =)

  19. can you share with us the background used?

  20. great tutorial its just that it will be a lot more helpful f u would speak and explain which buttons ur about to select and/or use.. or at least put it into writing so we can follow?

  21. can anyone explain what was done in 12:30

  22. i(m new to this can someone tell me exactly what he did at @12:30 and what button he used tomake the lava pic only appear inside his pic

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