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Ink Splashes Effect Photoshop Tutorial

“i am splashed (2)” ~ Video tutorial easy way to create a combined perspective of the two images, i.e. images of red chilli and splattered paint using Adobe Photoshop.

Stock images: https://goo.gl/1L0qA6

Okay, Happy tries how making a splash ink dispersion effect of explosions like in this tutorial & salam (peace) … 🙂

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  1. all the easy parts were shown but the only thing I was curious about was skipped. Where is the part that he enhances the image to look like it is in the end and the at the beginning?

  2. i cant found transform warp in my list 🙁

  3. capitan fness solinefess capitan fness machuwowowowowwo capitan fness selinefess capitan fness

  4. Ein Grenz geniales Video, weiter so!

  5. We watched it till the end and pushed that red button. Please support us with full views as well!

  6. you just took two pictures and sloppily put them together. i can do that on paint

  7. A really nice photoshop tutorial. thanks for sharing.

  8. best photo editing keyboard shortcut prose fine.

  9. Very pretty 😍😍😍

  10. Nice thing you have he Nyelene'

  11. Must be a pity party with 31k subs this is such misleading content it hurts….terrible

  12. supper thanks for this vedio

  13. At the 3:15 mark you instruct the viewer to erase part of the chili image. This is not a good workflow process and should not be done. Instead, work non-destructively. Add a layer mask to the chili image. Click on it and then paint black over the part of the image you don't want to see. This way if you make a mistake you can easily fix the problem by painting white over the problem area and retrieve the pixels.

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