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Logo Design Photoshop Tutorial

Logo Design Photoshop Tutorial. How to make logo design in photoshop cs6
Stock: http://editorphotoshop.com/photoshop-tutorial-logo-design-galaxy-effect/

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  1. Amazing! I am very new to Photoshop and this is very helpful. Thank you good sir! ❤

  2. it doesnt whant to delete!!

  3. 7:59 THIS PART DOESNT WORK FOR ME PLEASE HELP!!! i hold down alt and it copies the layer into the group but the imported image stays the exact same both in position & colors, the background image never goes inside the letters or the circle, the letters always stay the same color as the font original was. ive spent hours stuck on this, i want to cry, please someone help!!!

  4. + 1 subscribe for me. keep it up. 👍👏

  5. +1 subscribe from me. keep it up 👍👏

  6. Amazing style of explaining… Understood it in the first go… Keep up the good work .👍

  7. when i go to paste me image in it turns black and white?????

  8. Actually you not given how to save,or save in which format after completing the work, whether you have saved as png format,or jpeg,or something else!!!!!….Please give a answer, i am a beginner….

  9. If anyone is struggling at 8:00, thats ok, you just click Alt and click, don't move your mouse, just click alt and click, then let go,

    Hope it helped,

    (I'm not begging, sub to me if you want,)

  10. Im new to PS. This video lesson is amazing with loving music. fun to learn in this way. Good work and keep it up. thank u

  11. Wheres the font link???

  12. Svp Le Lien Pour Telecharger Cette Texte

  13. Hey guys, the song has name At the fair.

  14. Broo i Need a Logo New Design I will Pay For it.

  15. your videos are better with no sound


  17. What photoshop version is this

  18. Nvm but thx soo much bro helped me alot with my yt pls also check it out Thx XD

  19. how do u make the text bigger

  20. in 8:00 Just Press Alt Dont Hold

  21. Was this background music necessary dude?!? So….. Cheesy the music! :-p LoL

  22. You should make the logo in illustrator for easier resizing purposes without loss of quality

  23. Amazing very nice
    Aisa MH or MT ka bhi logo banaiye

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