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Photoshop Tutorial – Get 6 Pack Abs in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial Get 6 Pack Abs. Create six pack abs body photoshop CS6
Stock 6 Pack Abs free: http://editorphotoshop.com/photoshop-tutorial-get-6-pack-abs-in-photoshop/
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  1. helpful tutorial….I like this tutorial..thank you.

  2. Alex Velea =)))))))))))))))))) by romania.

  3. If anyone Like the T-shirt,it's my pleasure.I love the T-shirt.Because I'm a true lover of photoshop.I love Photoshop.If any one need this.
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  4. If one gets those abs as can seen at pixels of Abs donator the rest gets shreded as well. As Abs are the least bit what gets shiseled out. At least work on the sheeks or paint in some beard to accomodate for the manlier appearance. A softy face and such Abs – no way. If not a trained girl and then still only absence of beard.

  5. haha look how bad those look now we know your sad life

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  14. i will not donate for someone who lie such a big and deceptive lie. but i will do this to my pictures definitely

  15. This is a horrible tutorial on photoshopping. You cannot cut and paste abs from someone else onto a picture of you and expect people to like the work. This shit doesn't even look natural tbh.

  16. lol… lets all just get to the gym guys

  17. Can you Photoshop image for me

  18. Hey is there an email I could contact you through?

  19. It’s fake and work for this result fucking idiot

  20. Time at 4:05 how to open new layer?

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  22. Who wants to fight this guy now? 😊👉

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