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Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Manipulation | Water Splash in Bulb

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Enough with tutorials about humans ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, this time i thought lets make an effect with fish in a bulb. i really had fun time in making this effect and also in recording and editing.

Basically to make this effect we will use stock photo of a bulb and then we will remove its inner parts. After that we will add water, splash and fish. i will show you how to use masking and blending modes to match everything properly.

i will also show how you can make very simple reflections and that also very quick.

This is effect is for beginners and people who know photoshop both. So without any worry just watch it.

i have done a lot of photoshop manipulations in past but this is little experimental so share your thoughts in comments and tell me if you like it or not.

And like every time, if you have any questions ask me in comment section below and have some fun with photoshop ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. YHou're a good teacher mate, love this

  2. what is the link for the photos sources stp?

  3. when i open the pictures and place them into photoshop, they look horrible and pixelated like theres a huge loss in quality, why is this happening? my final project looks great i followed the instructions but the quality is so bad!

  4. Professional …thanks for you

  5. Welcome to servich cushtomer thish ish shteve !

  6. Thats a great tutorial. Thank you so much! Learned a ton ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. you are the best on the net, very thanks

  8. I know some from YouTube enjoy and employ such methods

  9. ron and harry lol! i use gimp and see no difference and you just earned a subscribe

  10. Superb bro, but can we have those images for practice ,,,

  11. Hi and welcome to india techsuport

  12. You are a fantastic teacher!!

  13. Can Anyone Tell me what is the Tools

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